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Prove #ChildCareIsEssential. Donate Now!

Supporting BANANAS allows ALL of our community to thrive.

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BANANAS has set a goal to raise $37,000 this year to support our community through child care referrals, payment assistance programs, workshops, playgroups, coaching, support groups, and resources. The COVID-19 pandemic has been tough on Alameda County families, who now utilize all of BANANAS resources listed above virtually. Life looks different for families and child care providers, whose needs revolve around staying safe, providing access to quality child care, and ensuring that child care providers have enough PPE items to clean their spaces in accordance to Alameda County regulations and ensure the health of their children. Your donations allow our community to receive the help they need as we all live through uncertain times.

This year, working parents and caregivers have learned what it is like to operate in a world without support from their child care providers and educators. For those who have had the privilege of working from home, it has been a challenge juggling all of life’s responsibilities. For essential workers with young children, child care is not an option. They cannot work without it. Our healthcare providers, sanitation workers, and grocery store clerks have been faced with incredibly difficult decisions over the last few months.

Child care is at the epicenter of our workforce. It is essential. Without it, parents are forced to make the decision: 1) stay home at the risk of losing their jobs and not being paid or 2) leave their children at home, or in a less-desired environment, to provide for their family. Child care is essential for our community to get to work.

It’s true that it takes a village to ignite real change, and your support creates a lasting impact. #ChildCareIsEssential